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SL no. Name of faculty Title of the Project Funding agency Period / duration Whether PI or CI Collaboration with Ongoing/ completed
1 Dr. U.P.Singh Development of CZTS based solar cells by co-evaporation method SERI 4/2/2016 PI DST/TMD/CER/C167(G) Ongoing
2 Dr. S.Sahu Development of Ferrite Material for the Application of High Power CW Circulator at 3.7 GHz/5.00 GHz (Board of Research in Fusion Science and Technology) BRFST 23/11/2015 Co-PI 39/34/2015-brns/34037 Completed
3 Dr. S.Sahu Design and Developement of Metameterial Lens for perfect imaging and increasing the directivity of the antenna system for (Board of Research in Fusion Science and Technology) BRFST 27/10/2015 PI 39/34/2015-brns/39012 Completed
4 Dr U P Singh Process devlopment forfabrication of CZTS based solar cell on flexible(polymide) substrate MNRE 30/11/2016 PI 31/13/2013-14/PVSE R&D Ongoing
5 Dr.U P Singh studies on growth of laser induced hyperdoped black Si(LibSi) and their photo excited carrier dynamics for cost effective and efficient photovoltaic application SERB 22/07/2016 Co-PI EMR/2015/001175 Ongoing
6 Dr. S. K. Behera  Development of Circularly Polarized Multiband Microstrip Fractal Antenna  DST/Young Scientist/Fast Track 2014—2017
(3 years)
PI NA Completed
7 Dr U.P. Singh  Process development of Cu (In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cell on flexible substrate using co-evaporation technique  DST_SERI 2012—2016
(3+1 years)
PI NA Completed
8 Dr U P Singh  Process Development of Thin Film Solar Cells from Abundant and Non-toxic Materials.  SERB(DST) 2018-2021 PI NA Ongoing
9 Dr U P Singh (PI)
Prof. A Basak (Co-PI)
Process development of thin film solar cells from abudant and nontoxic materials SERB 17/08/2018 (3 Years) PI EMR/20117/002196 Ongoing
10 Dr.  V K Jha
Dr K Parvathy
Charcoal based low cost smart sensor for agriculture DLEC 10/8/2018 PI Letter no 2630 Ongoing
11 Dr. Sarita Nanda Design and Development of Dynamic phasor and Frequency estimator complying IEEE C37.118 standard Science and Engineering Research Board , DST, Govt of India 2019 PI  Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar Ongoing


SL no. Financial year Client organization Title of the consultancy of the project completed/ongoing
1 2016 Panchayati Raj Depanmenl, Govt. of Odisha Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY)DDU-GKY for skilling rural youths in the State of Odisha ongoing
2 2016 National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt. of India National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt. of India ongoing