Alumni Talk

Alumni Talk

KIIT School of Electronics Engineering Organizes Alumni Talk

An Alumni Talk, the fifth in the series, was organized by KIIT School of Electronics Engineering (SoEE) for the B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph.D. students on 10th April 2021. The speaker, Ms. Saswati Das provided an overview on ‘Exploring the Unbound Potential of Space Science – Research and Other Opportunities’.

She talked about space science, why it is important, where to start and how to start. Ms. Das stressed upon the different opportunities available in the research in Space Science and about different skill sets required among the students to get selected in different reputed institutes. She also guided the students how to approach the professors to do research in space science and which are the different organizations to pursue space science research. She also emphasised on the different documents need to be prepared while a student is going to apply for different universities abroad.

The session was attended by the students and faculty members of School of Electronics Engineering. The program was coordinated and concluded by Dr. Arindam Basak, Associate Dean, T&P. The talk was very informative for the students of B. Tech., M. Tech. and PhD.

Ms Saswati Das is pursuing PhD at Virginia Tech. She is a research student at the Center for Space Science and Engineering Research. Most of her work involves understanding the chemistry and dynamics of the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere by using Remote Sensing Techniques. These techniques are implemented in the form of Atmospheric Balloons and Sounding Rockets. She hopes to continue working in the domain of Space Science in the future and strongly advocate the equal participation of women in the realm of space science.