Machine Learning using Python

Duration: 40 hours 16 days 2.5 Hrs. per day)


  • Introduction to Python, Numpy, Pandas, MatplotLib, Introduction to Machine Learning, Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Classification vs. Regression, Logistic Regression, k-mean Clustering, Performance Parameter
  • Artificial Neural Networks, Perceptron Learning, Multilayer Networks, Backpropagation Algorithm, Training-Validation-Testing, Implementation Using Keras Libraries, Illustrative examples, Recurrent Neural Network & Sequence Processing.
  • Fundamental Concepts and Scikit Library Implementations: Decision Tree, Random Forest, Naïve Bayes Classifier, K-Nearest Neighbour, Linear and Nonlinear Classification usingSupport Vector Machine, Singular Value Decomposition, Principal Component Analysis and Dimension Reduction Applications,Independent Component Analysis.
  • Understanding Multidimensional Arrays and Images, Array creation, Array indexing, Array slicing, Mathematical operations on matrices. Introduction to Computer Vision, Image and its representation, Color transforms, Histogram equalization, Sharpening, blur and noise removal, Image restoration, Feature detection, Edge detection, Rectangle detection, Basics of Open CV, Reading and writing images, Image Processing using open CV, Feature detection, Generating Haar Cascades and tracking different body parts, Image segmentation, Detecting shapes in an Image, Hand Gesture Recognition, Facial Emotion Recognition.

DURATION: 40 hours, Starting from 17th May 2021 to 3rd June 2021, excluding Sundays.


Payment should be made in account given below.
Account Name: School of Electronics Engineering,
A/C.No- 4915101000849,
Canara Bank, KIIT campus branch,
IFSC: CNRB0004915

Payment Process– Participants can pay using any methods like UPI (BHIM, Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pay etc.) or NEFT

The E-certificate will be provided on successful completion of the programme.