In order to impart practical based learning and intensive research the department has well equipped laboratories for the students as well as the faculties as presented below:

S.No Laboratory Faculty Incharges
1 Analog Electronics Lab. Prof. M. Behera
2 Digital Electronics Lab. Prof. K. B. Ray
3 Digital Signal Processing Lab. Prof. S. P. Kar
4 Microwave Lab. Prof. S. Sahu
5 Wireless Communication & Network Lab Prof. A. Mishra
6 Communication Engineering Lab. Prof. S. Alpna
7 VLSI Lab Prof. S. Padhy
8 Control & Instrumentation Lab Prof. R. K. Mishra
9 Process Control Lab Prof. S. K. Ravada
10 Advance. Communication. Lab Dr. S. S. Singh
11 Microprocessor Lab. Prof. S. Nanda
12 Basic Electronics Lab Prof. Tarun Tripathi
13 Embedded system Lab Prof. G.L. Kumar

Advanced Communication Lab

Analog Electronics Circuit Lab.

Communication Engg. Lab

Control & Instrumentation Lab.

Digital Electronic Circuits Lab

Digital Signal Processing lab

Microprocessor Lab

MW & Antenna Lab